My name is Mike  Bellot the Cofounder , and CEO of Solo bag, Haitian , I'm an economist,  entrepreneur and Innovator, I get my degree in International Trade, then Global Political Economy , from Tamkang University, Taiwan.  after my study I came back to my countries to bring hope and participate in the reconstruction of this nation 

Bellow is the story behind our project. 

Our Story
Two years ago I lost my cousin, someone I consider like a brother, in a tragic accident in Haiti. Andy a hard working young man, a hope of an entire family, for a whole community, smart man with the dream to become a doctor to help people of our community also create a better living for our poor family. To fulfill his dream he was working really hard, studying really late at night using candlelight due to the lack access to electricity in Haiti where only 37% of the population gets a regular access. A June 14, all his dream was to end up on a table, my cousin was using candlelight to study and he felt asleep, the candle fires the table and he was trapped in the burning house.


My cousin was not able to escape the fire and he died only his ashes were found. All this happened because he didn’t have access to a safe energy. This incident left deep cicatrices in me, and it’s been a motivation to and my friend Wendy to take action because we don’t want anyone else lost a family, or a friend because of such incident. It’s unthinkable that people still doesn't have access to electricity, that someone living with less than 2 USD per day has to spend 30% of their income to charge their cell phone, buy kerosene for lightening at night, using candle light which represents a danger.  to solve this once and for all we created "SOLO BAG"

About Solo bag 

Solobag is a school bag embedded with a solar panel which absorbs sunlight during daytime, After the bag been exposing to the sunlight, the energy is store in a build in battery bank and admits eco-friendly and sustainable light at night. Then student could use this energy to turn on the light to study and do their homework at night. And what is really cool with this bag is, there are USB ports connect to the solar bank so student can use to charge their mobile phone, 1 hour in the sun would Provide 12 hours of light, and Charge a mobile phone


with the Haitian Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontan 

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